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Moon Rocket - End Of The Weapons Noise (Moon Mix) [PORTABLE]

Travel to Luna (Earth's moon) in the Sol system, Local Cluster. Consult your map to determine your location and route to the facility, and travel there. Be aware that there are two turrets on the rooftop of each of the facility's three bunkers. Although taking them out is NOT necessary to complete the assignment (you can enter the bunkers with the turrets active and they will automatically shut down once you clear out all three bunkers), the additional experience from knocking them out is worthwhile. Attacking from a distance is advisable, as this increases the chances of being able to dodge the rockets. Alternatively, you can circle strafe around each set of turrets while firing at them. Another strategy to defeating the turrets is to take out a set of turrets and then hide behind that bunker while firing at the turrets on another bunker.

Moon Rocket - End Of The Weapons Noise (Moon Mix)


Jetfire's sacrifice was not in vain: within moments of his death, Ratchet instructed Jolt to begin a full transplant of the rocket thrusters and weapons systems onto Optimus. Now equipped with Jetfire's powerful weapons and engines, Optimus broke through a blockade of debris The Fallen had telekinetically erected around the Pyramid and destroyed the Star Harvester before it could be used against the Earth's Sun. Prime then faced the Fallen and Megatron, using his afterburners to send Megatron flying through some ruins. During the battle, The Fallen pulled off the left afterburner and used it to strike Prime in the face, but Optimus ultimately triumphed and ripped out the Fallen's spark core, killing the treacherous Prime. After the battle, Optimus quickly detached Jetfire's parts. Revenge of the Fallen

MCDOWELL: Typically, when people throw things away on space walks, when they lose lens caps off of their camera, stuff like that, when they're on the space station, that reenters pretty quickly. The big problem is from rocket stages that blow up after they've been in orbit for some time. They have a little fuel leftover, they have some fuel and some oxygen, and it's in separate tanks. And after a few years the tanks crack, and the fuel and the oxygen go out on a date together, and so suddenly you have 100 new pieces of space debris. And that's the major contribution. There's also some military weapons tests that have left a bunch of shrapnel in orbit, which contributes to the population.

Who has it within them to rise up against the ever growing threat of violence, crime, and terrorism on the streets of Tokyo? Enter the Beast Cops, tireless servants of justice. These men and women struggle night and day for the heart of the city. They'll match any villain punch for punch, kick for kick, bullet for bullet. They're Beast Cops because they will do whatever it takes, pay any price, inflict as much damage as necessary, in order to restore peace and security to the streets of Tokyo. Beat 'em up that lets you shoot 'em up - When fisticuffs aren't enough, add guns to deliver a whole new brand of justice to the mean streets of Tokyo. Pick up a variety of weapons, ranging from handguns to rocket launchers, for intense action on each level. Badass 70's cop show vibe - Outrageous style, over-the-top substance, and no holds barred hardboiled police action mix with madcap humor and sharply-written dialogue. Dishing out justice to the seamy underbelly of Tokyo has never been this satisfying. Multiple characters & endings - This sordid tale of Tokyo's criminal set unfolds through the eyes of three different cops with unique play styles. Story branches lead to multiple endings that determine whether you'll get your shot to beat down the ultimate crime boss. [Atlus USA] 041b061a72


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