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Death Wish Movies 1080p Torrent: Watch the Vigilante Action Thriller Series in HD

this is the fifth installment in the death wish film series. set in new york city, the film is about a hitman who is trying to protect his daughter by killing the person who raped and killed her. as the film progresses, kersey becomes a realtor and moves to los angeles. the film's plot follows kersey as he becomes a vigilante, shooting and killing the serial killers and rapists he encounters. this film also features a large cast that includes the famous jack palance, david carradine and robert vaughn. this is the film that introduced the "death wish" film series. it was a big box office success, which earned several academy award nominations, including one for palance for best supporting actor.

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set in the 1970s, death wish v (as the film was renamed in the uk) is based on a real-life story. kersey (again played by charles bronson) has returned to new york from los angeles to find that his family, wife and daughter have been killed. he decides to avenge his family's deaths and then move on to complete his vengeance by killing all the criminals responsible for their deaths.

lorenzo lamas plays dr. paul kersey, a pathologist who is a surgeon at a california hospital. his wife is brutally attacked in their home by an intruder who rapes and kills her. as kersey seeks revenge, he becomes a vigilante, killing not only the man who attacked his wife and daughter, but also some other criminals who he suspects to be involved in the crime. the film is based on charles bronsons 1974 death wish film, directed by michael winner. the film also features jill ireland, who starred in the 1974 film.


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