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HD Online Player (video Studio Pro X2 Serial Number)

Online Play allows you to play in real-time with friends anywhere in the world (e. Peer-to-Peer). All players must have E6 Connect installed and a good internet connection. You can host an online round or join a round hosted by another player.

HD Online Player (video studio pro x2 serial number)

4. If this is your first time connecting the device and it does not connect automatically, simply select it by its serial number in the list of model types, then select the CONNECT BUTTON. This must be done for the FlightScope Xi, as it requires manual detection.

*Depending on your network configuration, multiple FlightScope devices could be detected by E6 Connect, in which case the last used device will automatically connect if it is available. If the last used device is not available and multiple FlightScope devices are found, you will need to manually select the desired device by its serial number in the list of model types and then select the Connect button.

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